Wild Mint Tea

Wild mint is the cross between cornmint and spearmint(pudina). Its sought out for oil and has been cultivated for really long in Nepal.


The ancient Greeks rubbed mint in their arms hoping it would make them stronger. Wild mint also known as Corn mint and Japanese mint is one of the most cultivated medicinal herbs in Nepal.



Boil water and remove it from the heat.

Add the leaves and let it steep for 3-4 mins.

Aluminum pots should not used while preparing any kinds of herbal tea.



This will leave you feeling full after drinking a cup. Mint is one of the best ways to naturally helps you to reduce weight. The high content of menthol present in the leaves freshens up your foul breath. This acts as an anti stress and anxiety reliever for relaxing you in times when times are tough. Since all herbal teas are caffeine free drinking a cup improves sleeping.



The leaves are collected and dried to prepare the tea. It is carefully cultivated at our farm in Bardiya by the local tharu community.



It is not recommended for women during pregnancy and while breast feeding. Consult your doctor for further information. 


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