Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamonum is how I roll.


Cinnamon Zeylanicum is aromatic evergreen trees which is grow from tropical area up to 45 feet high, throughout the Asia and Australia. Its native region is Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Leaves & Bark of these trees are used to obtained the essential oil.

Cinnamon Bark oil is obtained from the Bark of Cinnamon trees through steam distillation & Soxhlex extraction. Cinnamon bark oil contains Cinnamaldehyde and eugenol compounds. Cinnamon bark oil is rare and expensive due to its Cinnamaldehyde content. We can say that the oil containing the higher content of cinnamaldehyde will be higher in price. Cinnamon bark oil has a delicate aroma and a sweet, pungent taste.

Cinnamon oil can be used in home as:

·             Use two drops of oil in a capsule for immune & Pancreatic health support.

·             Put a drop of oil in a hot water & drink to soothe your throat.

·             Use 2 drops of oil in a Spray for effective cleaning.

·             Use drop of oil on your toothbrush for lightening in teeth.

·              Put drop of oil then apply to cold and achy joints during the winter time.

Cinnamon oil is used by different industries like:

·             Medicinal Industries

·             Cosmetic Industries

·             Restaurant Industries

·             Therapeutic Industries

Oils are extracted from plants that are cultivated and also from wildly harvested.

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